At Skiles Group , we define a quality project as a finished project that looks and functions as it was intended. Because quality is one of the main criteria by which all projects are judged, our quality control program is a priority for the success of your project.


Throughout the project, Skiles Group views quality control not as the responsibility of a single person, but rather as a three step process that is shared and implemented by the entire project team.



First, our quality commitment begins the moment we are selected for a project as we work to understand the design and establish the metrics by which we will track and measure quality. At the outset, we thoroughly review project documents and solve potential problems. This foresight helps eliminate rework and change orders. Our project team goes beyond the plans and strives to understand and exceed owner expectations.



Next, we contract for quality. This means that each step of our subcontracting phase is designed to deliver the best quality for the most competitive price. It begins with how we structure our bid packages to eliminate scope gaps. Then all of our subcontractors are pre-qualified and carefully selected to match their expertise with the project requirements. We also thoroughly scope each bid to determine the lowest complete subcontractor for each bid package and then conduct a pre-award meeting with those firms to ensure all expectation are met.



Finally, all of our processes during the construction phase are designed to ensure a quality project. These processes include pre-task meetings, daily inspections, independent testing, mock-ups, pre-function testing, commissioning and self performed punch lists by each subcontractor prior to calling for final inspection.


Using our phased approach, quality is built in from the beginning of each project.

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